Animal Rescue through Photography

What you get for a 3 month sponsorship campaign at $2,000 per month.

Work with Amazing Influencers and Organisations

Influencers and Photographers


New South Wales (NSW)

Queensland (QLD)

Victoria (VIC)

Western Australia (WA)

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* Photo credit: Alex Cearns

Direct Involvement with an Animal Rescue Centre

  • Sponsorship includes direct association with one allocated unique animal shelter for more exclusive content
  • A selection of images taken at that shelter to use to promote the campaign on your own marketing collateral
  • Direct mentions on the Animal Rescue Shelter social page as a sponsor of their shelter

* Photo credits: Alex Cearns

Amazing Content from Creative Professionals

  • Professionally taken photos and videos of pets ready for adoption
  • High quality, heart-warming content for use in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Media
  • Includes sponsor product placement or in action
  • Full usage rights of ten photos provided to sponsor for corporate use in social media, advertising or print media.
  • Dedicated landing page in Pro Galleria showcasing the photos taken of pets up for adoption.
  • Tracking of pets to be adopted and additional photos of pets new owners.

Achieve Media, PR and Social Media Buzz

Brand Recognition

  • Inclusions as a nationwide sponsor in all official communications about the campaign in 2020.
  • Brand recognition on all official nationwide press releases, the campaign social media pages, website landing pages etc.

* Photo credit: Ruthless Photos

Social Media Campaign

  • Social media amplification by sponsored influential photographers
  • Announced to our 2000+ influencers in PR Galleria database (see list here)
  • Shared by sponsored animal rescue and shelter groups
  • Shared to community groups – photography, video, pet groups, animal advocacy groups, (see list here)
  • Shared by all sponsors through their own social media channels.
  • Content can also be shared by customers, retail partners and sponsor communities.

* Photo credit: Daniel Linnet

PR and Media Buzz

  • The great public awareness in knowing that your brand is helping little (or big) animals to be adopted
  • Helping the rescue groups that feed and shelter them in the meantime (this to us is already worth it!)
  • Shared by all sponsors through their  media circles.
  • Content can also be shared by customers, retail partners and sponsor communities.

* Photo credit: Nick Rains

How will we spend your sponsorship funds?

Budget Transparency

  • $1,500 to photographers
  • $2,000 to animal shelters
  • $1,500 for agency coordination
  • $1,000 for logisitics and transport