Deliverables and Accountability Service

When running multiple influencer or marketing campaigns, keeping track of what is agreed upon can be overwhelming. An important part of running marketing and influencer campaigns is nailing the deliverables. Processing an invoice and having to check against the promised deliverables can also be daunting, if not costly. 

As an added service we monitor and report on an influencer’s deliverables so you don’t have to spend huge amounts of time doing this. We also work with influencers to your expected standards and hold accountable to what is initially agreed upon. We use best practice methods that we apply with our own global, publicly-listed clients, to ensure their partners deliver on results.


Our aim is to give brands peace of mind. Here’s how it works.

We report and monitor your marketing and influencer campaigns.

Deliverables are carefully checked against what was agreed upon.


We collect all deliverables and supporting documents to help with justifying the invoice.

If required, partly completed campaigns will receive proportional amounts of payment.

We can also act as the payment gateway for further accountability and audits.

How it benefits brands

Working with an independent reporting agency that boasts 17 years experience.


Spend less time tracking campaigns and focus on KPIs.


We check the deliverables to reduce budget wastage or even fraud.

We collect supporting documents ready for your finance to review.

Work with only the best influencers and marketing partners who deliver on results.

How it benefits influencers and marketing partners.

We want to help you raise to the standards that brands expect.


We aim to align expectations between brands and influencers.

We can streamline your deliverables and reporting methods.

When it comes time for invoicing, we make it easier as a payment gateway.

We help you win repeat business with brands through our reporting of results.

What are the fees?

Simple! At any time you wish to appoint us to monitor and track the deliverables of your campaign, we charge a fee of 10% from the total budget paid to the influencer. You are also welcome to use us as a payment gateway, where we can reserve your funds within our account until the deliverables are completed. Any unused funds will be redirected to other campaigns or returned to your account.

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