It’s a sponsorship jungle out there!

Created for marketing, PR and social media professionals, Pro Galleria revolutionizes the way brands explore and request to be part of campaigns and sponsorship opportunities..

As you login, we open up a world of marketing opportunities from influential people, media, event organisers, esports teams, content creators, public relations agencies and more. 

Gone are the days of sifting through a myriad of proposals, emails, PDFs. Save time quickly in finding the right opportunity at the right budget and spend more time working tactically and strategically.

With it’s intuitive campaign filter system, Pro Galleria brings together marketing opportunities on a strategic level and easily drill down by activity, budget, location, and more. Pro Galleria also works as a payment gateway making it easier to manage payments with your campaign partners.




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What are the key industries Pro Galleria is involved with?

Right now, we are expanding into esports, video games, tech, lifestyle, beauty and fashion sectors.

I am interested in a proposal offered by a campaign partners. What do I do?

It’s very simple! Login, review what is available in your proposal gallery, click on the Request Campaign button of the proposal you are interested in and Pro Galleria will guide you through the campaign detail, budget summaries , itemised deliverables and next steps in execution. You will received all these as an email notification detailing your requested campaign.

How does Pro Galleria earn its fees?

It is free join Pro Galleria. Only if you request to be part of a campaign and depending on our level of involvement we generally just take the standard 10% fee of the overall budget. However, if you would like our help with the campaigns, understandably we charge a bit more. Broken down, we take a 10% straight agency fee if you and the campaign partner don’t need us deeply involved in the activation which is most of the time. We may negotiate a further 10% fee if you the brand or your agency would like us to facilitate the campaign. We also offer bespoke services to execute a campaign for both the brand and the campaign partner. An example of this would be for events.

Generally, unlike our talent and campaign partners, we are not experts at everything so we generally take just the 10% fee.

What can I expect when I login to Pro Galleria?

Visible to brands will be brands activations currently on offer from our influential members, esports teams and communities. These opportunities are presented in a gallery style so you can easily visualise what is available. Our filter system has over 30 categories to refine your search: from location, type of activation, budgets, by influencer and so on.

How do you track campaigns that I have requested?

Once you have registered your request for a campaign in Pro Galleria, we will immediately alert the campaign partner you wish to engage and facilitate it from start to finish. Once the campaign has concluded you will get an invoice along with the report and deliverables.

How do you report on the campaigns I have requested for in Pro Galleria

You will get a weekly progress report and an assigned account manager to update you. After the campaign is completed you will get a report on the results, image library, screenshots, assets and deliverables from the campaign partner. 

Do you act as an agency?

Yes we have an agency behind the platform to support brands and other agencies. Pro Galleria is a technology platform designed to make it easier for brands to visualise and navigate various sponsorship opportunities. We do have an agency based team that will help execute campaigns if needed.

How do I pay when a campaign invoice is presented?

Pro Galleria acts as a payment gateway making it much simpler for you to pay influencers, talent and even events. Gone are the days of managing several invoices, with Pro Galleria we can manage these for you.

Is Pro Galleria just another DIY platform?

No. Pro Galleria is a fully managed platform where our team works with influencers and talent to ensure the brands receive what they are offered.

What is your affiliation with PR Galleria and The Gap Agency?

Pro Galleria is the technology platform developed so influential people and organisations offer marketing proposals to brands. PR Galleria on the other hand is where brands offer our influencers, media and VIps their products to try and experience. Both Pro Galleria and PR Galleria are owned and developed by The Gap Agency, which has a full marketing team running the show.

Can I submit a custom brief to a campaign partner?

Yes! We have a feature where you can specifically send a brief to a campaign partner including your goals, deliverables, budgets and desired outcomes. We will gladly shoot over your brief to the campaign partner to get back to us with a custom proposal.