It’s a sponsorship jungle out there!

Created for marketing, PR and social media professionals, Pro Galleria revolutionises the way brands explore and request to be part of campaigns and sponsorship opportunities. 

As you login, we open up a world of marketing opportunities from influential people, media, event organisers, esports teams, content creators, public relations agencies and more. 

Gone are the days of sifting through a myriad of proposals, emails, PDFs. Save time quickly in finding the right opportunity, at the right budget, and spend more time working tactically and strategically.

At Pro Galleria, we also offer to monitor and report on an influencer’s deliverables and hold them accountable to what is initially agreed upon. For more information see the FAQ section.


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What are the key marketing solutions Pro Galleria is offering?

We have formed partners and alliancers in the following categories:

  • Content Creation and Production Services
  • Talent/Ambassador
  • Expos and Events
  • Advertising/Sponsorship
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Retail/Channel Solutions
    • Merchandising
    • Offline Merchandising Services 
    • In-store/Retail demonstrations days
    • Channel enablement 
  • Communication Services and Brand Trackers
  • CRM Tools and Email Marketing
  • Media Buying
  • Marketing Legal Services
What can I expect when I login to Pro Galleria?

After creating and account, login and start reviewing proposals under the Pro Galleria Tab.  Each of the marketing opportunity on offer from our partners details the campaign, deliverables, budget or fees, examples of past works, photo gallery, timelines and about the partner’s credentials.  If you are interested in an offer, it’s as easy as clicking on the submit button. Clicking on the submit button to initiates a purchase order process. You will receive an email notification detailing your requested campaign.

Our team will be in touch with the Pro Galleria partner and we begin facilitating the campaign for you and the partner.

I'm interested in a marketing opportunity, can submit my purchase order in Pro Galleria?

Yes! If a marketing opportunity meets your needs simply click on the Submit button and it initiates the purchase order process. We have modernised the way marketing should be done and reduce inefficiencies like emails, phone calls and constantly reviewing myriads of presentations. 

Once you have submitted your purchase order, you will receive an email notification detailing your requested campaign.

Our team will be in touch with the Pro Galleria partner and we begin facilitating the campaign for you and the partner.

Does Pro Galleria facilitate with the the deliverables?

Yes. At Pro Galleria, we are always on the search for the best marketing opportunites from partners who deliver. As part of our service, we continue to update you on the progess of the campaign from start to finish. We will work closely with our partners to ensure deliverables are met according to what was agreed upon.

Our team of marketing professionals implement the best practice standards having worked with major global brands  and facilitate these high standards with our partners.

We essentially become an extension of your marketing team. This service is ideal if you run multiple campaigns and time poor to monitor and chase for deliverables. It’s all about working together to deliver the best outcomes.

Pro Galleria charges a standard 10% agency fee to work with brands to facilitate the campaign.

How do you track and report on the progress and deliverables?

Once the campaign is up and running, we work closely with the Pro Galleria partner that you have chosen to keep tabs of the progress and report back to you on the status. From start to finish we provide progress and final report outlined below.

[insert sample of report here]

What makes Pro Galleria different from a traditional marketing agency?

Pro Galleria is the marketing agency of the future. Our goal is to address the issues of a traditional marketing agency.

1) Traditional marketing agencies often recyle their marketing ideas and marketing partners. We continue to search for partners who are the best in the industry so your marketing landscape is no longer limited.

2) Traditional marketing agencies bog you down with endless proposals, emails and phone calls just for one marketing oppportunity. Pro Galleria streamlines these processes so you can focus on the creative ideas and strategic outcomes. 

3) Unlike a traditional marketing agency, we are able to present as many opportunities to you in your dashboard, provide a seamless purchase ordering service, user friendly agreement processes and provide accesable reports on the deliverables. 

Can you outline in one paragraph how Pro Galleria earns it's fees?

Pro Galleria earns its fees from the following revenue streams.

a) We charge a 10% commission fee from our Pro Galleria partners for when we sell their offers to our clients.

b) We may charge 10% payment fee to acredited clients who want us manage the payment process and pay upfront the fees to the Pro Galleria partner. 

c) Should the client wishes for us to coordinate, facilitate and manage the campaign, especially multiple larger campaigns, we charge a 10% service fee. 

Can I submit a custom brief to a Pro Galleria partner?

Yes! We have a feature where you can specifically send a brief to a talent including your goals, deliverables, budgets and desired outcomes. We will gladly shoot over your brief to the talent to get back to us with a custom proposal.

Is Pro Galleria just another DIY platform?

No. Pro Galleria is a fully managed platform where our experience marketing team works brands and our partners to deliver the best marketing campaign.

What is the difference between Pro Galleria and PR Galleria?

Pro Galleria is the technology platform where the best marketing offers with the right budgets are presented to brands. PR Galleria on the other hand is where brands offer our influencers, media and VIPs their products to try and experience. Both Pro Galleria and PR Galleria helps brands grow a community of proven marketing partners, influencers, brand ambassadors, media, content creators and more to truly delivery a complete marketing and PR solution.

Pro Galleri and Pro Galleria are owned and developed by the team from The Gap Agency.