We understand it takes time, effort and money to continually present your services as proposals to brands.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

If you are an influential person, media organisation, content creator, event organiser, esports team, talent or MC, we’d like to invite you to be part of Pro Galleria.

The team behind Pro Galleria will work tirelessly to sell your campaign opportunities to relevant brands. In essence we act as your promoter, publicist, marketing consultant and facilitator, bringing you opportunities that you may not have had before.

Using our purpose-built platform, not only have we revolutionised the way we can present your brand activations, we also give unprecedented access to our brand contacts. Plus – our team of marketing professionals will promote your services. Think of us as your marketing team or agent, so you can focus on doing what you are good at.

Use our Talent Profile Builder to build your profile, and our team will present and promote you to brands. In Pro Galleria brands will have the opportunity to view, review and accept your proposals. Our request based system means clients are able to easily accept your proposal with the click of a button.


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Briefly, what can Pro Galleria do for me?

We value diversity in talent traditional agencies will not recognise. Pro Galleria understands that brands crave real talent to be more genuine. More often brands do not always have access to a divesity of talent because traditional agencies often rely on using their tight knit network. Let us help you break this ceiling.

How can I be part of Pro Galleria's network

Simply visit: to upload your profile we will do the rest. Or, proceed through the steps of the campaign builder to submit your own proposal.

How do I get work from Pro Galleria?

Pro Galleria is not a DIY, automated system. We have a team of exprienced campaign managers who are as diverse as our talent and influencers. We match the brands brief and budget to your profile and services. If the brand chooses your offering, we will work closely with you to deliver results.

What is the process in helping Pro Galleria partners with deliverables.

As part of the Pro Galleria service we help to facilitate campaigns between brands and partners to ensure deliverables are met. We will monitor the progress of the deliverables to what is initially agreed upon. This way all parties are working on the best practice when it comes to planning, executiion, and delivery of results within deadlines and budgets. Our team will work with you to guide you through your progress and report on your results through the lenses of a marketing pro. It’s all about working together to set the expectations for brands. For more information on our processes, click here.

Do you handle invoices and payments?

Yes! Pro Galleria conveniently acts as a payment gateway between sponsors and yourself to minimise the hassle of chasing payments. This forms part of our Deliverables and Accountability Service.

How can your team add value in promoting my work?

We have a professional team behind Pro Galleria who will guide you and facilitate the activations, whilst setting expectations with clients. This can be a lot of work, as different clients have different expectations and we want to make sure all parties are happy. In addition, we provide access to a team of marketing professionals that you may not have readily. We will strive to promote your profile to as many relevant brands as possible, acting as your promoter, marketing consultant and facilitator to bring you new opportunities.

Why are you so kind to not asking for exclusive rights to work with us?

Pro Galleria believes in this principle – if we didn’t bring you the opportunity, we are not entitled to it. As such, you are welcome to work with any other agencies/ brands you wish.

I am already working with an agent or an agency, can we still participate with Pro Galleria?

Definitely! If you already work with another agency, we are happy to pass on the opportunity to them. As mentioned above, we don’t want to work with you exclusively, we are simply opening up more opportunities to you and your agent.

Will other talent or competitors see my proposals?

No. Only brands can see your profile. We will maintain confidentiality so your price and unique selling propositions are only visible to brands, and not your competitors or the public. Pro Galleria is not a marketplace or a bidding portal. Our goal is to connect great ideas to brands in an easy and efficient way.

Will we have the opportunity to liaise with the sponsor directly?

Definitely. You will working closely with the client and the Pro Galleria team to ensure their expectations are met. You are the best partner to enable this.